1553: Herman thor sarne. Juechter Sahren
After the result of the family research scientist Harry Juchter, who lived 1 936 in Riga as a buyer and captain is mentioned 1553 a Harmen thor Sarne, which is probably to a Hermann Juegter tor Sarne identical, which registers 1574 and 1578 call. Since that time the family Juechter lives continuously on the yard Sahren. There might not be a second yard approximately around Stenum, which is so for a long time in the hands of a family.

Bultmann means in his history Ganderkesee's that a count of Oldenburg gave the yard to a squire Juechter from Edewecht as feoff. Certificate is not to be proven that. It is firmly however that the Juechter belonged in the Middle Ages to the knight- families in the county Oldenburg.

Their substantial landed property was appropriate for about 1500 in the Ammerland and in Stedingen, They are supposed, like many other aristocracy families in Oldenburg-area, in order to escape the pressure of the count house, changed into the farmer status.

The family researcher assumes that a Juechter bought the yard Sahren between 1500 and 1550. The yard was from the outset, although equipped with the largest possession in the Stenumer-area, only one half's building. Estimated with 52 Thalern 1679 Toennies Juechter to the Franzoesichen Contribution. A register shows the adjustment of the yard to Schoenemoor and into the march. Toennies Juechter had his pastureland with the "Mohrgraven" and in the Schoenemoorer field with the Horster country.

In all other respects was the name Toennies an exception. Over the generation the owners of yard Arend Juechter were called.

(Kurt Muesegades: Stenum Schierbrok Rethorn; ISBN 3-920794-37-0)

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1553: Herman thor sarne

Many name cousins in the inland/home and foreign countires can attribute their family tree to the inheritance yard to Sahren. Therefore some data in more detail follow, over the yard inheriting and their brothers and sisters.

1553 for the first time the yard mentioned with its owner Herman in the Delmenhorster income and output register.
1574 Jucgter tor sarne is called in the same register.
1578 in the Delmenhorsterman number register the name Herman Juchter appears under Stenum forest with Sahren.
1585 Wuebbeke Juechter is born, died 1657. She was widow of the Harmen Juchter on Sahren. 1936 Harry Juchter in Riga possessed their certificate of death. Ganderkesees church books begin in the year 1657.
1605 Juchter zur Soren is specified in the Delmenhorster man master register.
1619 on 22. January is born Toennies Juechter on Sahren, died on 22. January 1699. He married 1659 Grete Vagt from Woltmershausen on 26. April (born 1638, died 12. 10.1690). His own brand (possession character) was a 1 with a line = 1 (from the Contraktprotokollen of the Vogtei Delmenhorst from that 17. Century. See also the own brand collection of Raucheld in the OLA).
1647 / 1657 mentions Harmen Juechter, construction worker in Sahren.
1678 Arend Juechter, born on 3. January 1678, marries 1699 on 7. June with Ahlke, daughter of the Harm Meier to Schönemoor. (Ahlke born 1674, died 27.12.1750) Arend Juechter died to 13.10.1735. His brother Gerd Juechter, of 9 brothers and sisters, is the ancestor gentleman of the Kuehlinger line: his birth year 1676, marriage day 19 of October 1710: Grete, widow of the Magnus Hollmann to Stenum. Day of death 8. May 1719.

1709 on 19. December Arend Juechter was born, the son of the previous. He married to 29. 11. 1738 Gesche, daughter of Jakob Wuebbenhorst to the Wuebbenhorst. Died Arend Juechter before 1771.From his 8 brothers and sisters became Berend Juchter the master father of the Rigaer Juchter line, because his son Arend, born 1753, emigrates after Pillau and marries there.

1743 on 31. December Arend Juechter, son of the Arend on Sahren, to the world. He was twice married (Margarethe Bischof from Sandhausen, Ahlke Neuhaus from Suederbrook) day of death: 11. 9.1800.

1777 Arend Juechter, son of the previous on Sahren from first marriage, is born 26. 9. 1777, marry to 18.11.1806 with Metje Meierhoff from Schoenemoor. His day of death: 1859 ago. He had 3 sisters and 1 brother.

1825 Martin Juechter, geb. 28.12.1825 on Sahren. He was 2 times married (Christine of Seggern, Margarete Nutzhorn). He had 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Day of death and - year unknown.

1860 Arend Juechter, son of previous, geb. 6 June 1860 on Sahren. 2 brothers: Hinrich and Martin.
This list (shortened) procured advice of building of sets Adolf Juechter in Itzehoe from the Ganderkesee Kirchenbuechern.

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